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The Internet environment is a jungle for some of you, especially if you decide to do business on the Internet or to operate your own websites and e-shops. However, anybody can contact us and take advantage of our multihosting services, domain management, website and application creation and management, editorial system and social network management, SEO and special applications security. We provide all these services on-line at the top professional level.

How to easily operate a large number of websites

Multihosting makes it possible to easily operate a large number of websites. For companies, it means managing an e-shop, support domains and a personal blog from one place. Multihosting is a basic service that we provide on our own servers on the Internet backbone.

Multihosting saves money

Thanks to multihosting you do not need to spend money on separate webhostings or to remember the login details for each separate hosting. You do not have to invest additional money when expanding and adding websites. Websites are updated more quickly and managed more easily.

Services provided on our own servers

We provide multihosting services on our own servers that are permanently supervised by administrators. These servers are connected to the Internet backbone and ensure the smooth running of many different web projects and applications. Our clients do not have to deal with failures caused by other parties or limited services of regular hostings or to search where and whether their website is actually working.

Nice and reputable internet addresses

Our Internet services also include domain management and consultations to find nice and reputable internet addresses. The domain owner pays a registration fee for using the domain and a regular maintenance fee.

Setting up an eye-catching website

Those who want their business to succeed must not underestimate the power of the Internet. It is almost a must to set up an eye-catching website that will inform your customers about your products and services. Entrepreneurs can ask professionals to create and manage the website for them. We adapt the website graphics to the target group, ensure the correct display of the website presentation and interconnect it to an editorial system. After that we perform user testing, fill the website with content and manage and maintain the website.

A wide variety of applications

We are able to create and manage not only websites but also a wide variety of applications. Based on our clients specific needs, we will develop, manage and operate a tailor-made application. We of course place the application on secured servers, perform regular updates, monitor the application use and back up all data.

Our professionals will do everything for you

You no longer need to manage editorial systems and social networks by yourself. Our professionals will do everything for you. Well-functioning editorial systems are the basis for effective management of website content. Our professionals encode the website in a way that it could be identified by all Internet search engines and would appear at the top of results from fulltext search engines. The management of social networks is equally important for maintaining a relationship with clients, building up brand awareness and providing information about new products and services.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization represents an integral part of website management. This tool will rank the website among the first on search engines and will increase its visit rate thanks to keywords in the text. We perform regular analyses, investigate what people are searching for the most, propose or choose suitable domains, build backlinks and adapt website content to visitors inquiries.

It pays off to use professional services

The Internet allows an effective way of presentation. More and more people consider it the primary source of information and a shopping option. Therefore, it pays off to take advantage of the services of our professionals who understand the virtual environment and know how to make their clients more visible for customers and among competitors.

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